Feb 27th - 28th 2020 - Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia

ReactConfAU 2020

"10x your teamwork through pair programming"

We had the pleasure of taking our pairing talk to Sydney for the inaugural ReactConfAU. That talk received a lot of positive reaction and was a good spot for attendees to put down their note taking utensils and just enjoy the show, with cheers and jeers as the dramatisation hit home on a number of topics.
Feb 20th - 21st 2020 - Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia

RubyConfAU 2020

"RubyConfAU 2020 - 10x pair programming"

From an inkling of doing a talk on pairing back in 2018 we finally made it onto a conference stage with international speakers. Our depiction of encroaching on personal space in pairing and gender discriminatory behaviour was all laughs and gasps of "too real", it was literally a no punches spared demonstration.


the Rails Camp Project

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By Selena Small & Michael Milewski,

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By Selena Small & Michael Milewski,


Feature Testing

Testing modern web apps with multi layer Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) and a strong focus towards the frontend at CultureAmp's tech brekky

Feature Testing

Driving modern web apps with multi layer Behavioural Driven Design (BDD) at #RORO Meblourne

Breaking builds & breaking bones

Becoming a software engineer or a professional kickboxer, you’ll run into many obstacles. I’ll share some of the biggest hurdles I faced while changing careers into software & becoming a Nak Muay Ying (female Muay Thai boxer). Be inspired & learn that failures will help you to ultimately succeed!

VI everywhere, what's your super power?

"Once you learn VI bindings, they will be stuck with you for life" and you will want to use them everywhere! This is an exploration of all the places you can use them, from the command line, language REPL to your database console, browser and program input.