Rails Camp Pairing

Selena and Michael just got back home from RailsCampAU #24 in Tasmania and it was an epic weekend! An intensive but fun trip filled with learning and laughs.

In just 3 days, we managed to pair with 36 other people achieving 1 commit per person at the event as well as 1 MONSTER commit Co-authored-by: 28 contributors

28 people commit

We’re exhausted.

But we’re also so excited that we achieved our goal of getting every single camp attendee to write at least one line of code. There were a number of moments that we thought we couldn’t get through everyone and too many conversations that we could have continued for hours.

We continued to push each other, and on less than 4 hours of sleep each night we powered through with our biggest day being Sunday and 21 contributors. Checkout the whole repo here GitHub failure-driven/railscamp-search-term

The range of experience and knowledge over the weekend was unbelievably diverse. From people who’d never run rails new right through to people who’d been coding for 8 years before Selena was even born! And even people whose experience intimidated Michael - who has over 18 years of industry experience!

junior dev hands on the keyboard

One of the biggest highlights that everyone who participated can take away from the project was that, regardless of experience, we all have knowledge to share and we all have something to learn from each other.

Follow our story over the coming weeks, as we share some of the other insights that we’ve learned through this experience.

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