Breaking builds & breaking bones


Becoming a software engineer or a professional kickboxer, you’ll run into many obstacles.

As a late-comer to coding, I learned about binary-hex translation and logic gates around 3 months before I learned how to throw a punch. Now I’m a software engineer and a professional kickboxer. Both of which, surprisingly have a lot in common!

This is my story about the struggles and celebrations of a two-year journey from alcohol-fuelled self-destruction to teaching myself how to write code, pursuing a career in software development and learning how to literally break other people’s bones.

This is not a story sugar-coated with glorious moments of success every step of the way, but one of struggle, perseverance, and determination.

Anyone following a dream, wanting to get into software, trying to change their career, just starting out or interested in hearing a story, prepare to be inspired & learn that failures will help you to ultimately succeed!

The Ruby version

This presentation was first given at June 2018 Ruby Melbourne meetup. Talk can be watched here

Authored By:

Selena Small